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**Due to a ban, we have phased out the use of incandescent lighting and will no longer supply it. Sorry for the inconvenience.**

More Efficiency, Same Dazzling Display

Commercial Grade

The type of lighting we provide are premium commercial grade LED lights. These bulbs are not available for purchase for consumers at retail stores. This type of lighting is recommended for long-term lighting solutions that will continue looking beautiful year after year. 

Energy Efficient

Each bulb is only 0.8w, and uses 92% less energy than the traditional incandescent holiday lighting of the past. Enjoy leaving your lights on longer without worrying about a high energy bill.

SMD Technology

These lights feature SMD LED technology, producing bulbs that are 5 times brighter than retail grade LED lighting and just as beautiful as traditional incandescent lighting. Dazzle your neighbours with the brightest lights on the block!

Long Lasting

They boast great durability with a life span of 20,000 hours, and they are non-corrosive, waterproof, and break & fade resistant. These lights last 15x longer than incandescent and when one bulb goes out, the rest stay lit.


Standard LED Lighting

Get ready to impress your neighbors with our premium quality exterior LED lighting! We offer a variety of lighting options to choose from, including clear and colored bulbs. All of our lights come with wire included in our pricing. Browse our selection to find the perfect fit for your needs!

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Premium Commercial Grade LED Bulbs - C9


  • Faceted, conical polystyrene bulb

  • Indoor/outdoor use

  • Traditional vintage style (great replacement for C9 incandescent bulbs)

  • Recommended for most holiday lighting applications, including garages, windows & rooflines

Only $4.25/ft + installation & hardware

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Premium Commercial Grade LED Bulbs - G30


  • Smooth, globe-like polystyrene bulb

  • Indoor/outdoor use

  • Sleek, modern style 

  • Low-profile and versatile (great for year-round use)

  • Recommended for rooflines, patios, windows, and doors

  • Coated, fade resistant finish

Only $4.50/ft + installation & hardware